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    IPAM Resource based on Custom Property


      So,  I have my company's geographic locations broken down into Groups in NPM and I have custom properties "Linking" the Nodes to the Groups.  I also have Custom Properties assigned to the subnets of the site's in IPAM that mirror the ones used for the Groups and Nodes.


      I want to have a resource to put on the Group Details page for the Site showing a summary of the Subnets assigned to that site and the ability to scroll through it and see what IPs are in use.


      I couldn't find a resource that seems to do this.


      I could do a custom table with a SWQL query but, unless there's a way I'm not aware of I don't think it will have the dynamic view like the "Manage Subnets & IP Addresses" in IPAM has.


      So THWACK, What do you got for me?