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    Report Writer (Win32 app)




      I currenly login to Solarwinds via web browser, I don't have access to any server.


      However I would like to create my own reports but I don't have the Windows app installed.

      See below the message I received when I tried to Duplicate & Edit a report.


      Is there a download for a standalone version of Report Writer?


      Report Writer.PNG

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          The error message means that the report you are trying to edit was created with the Report Writer app, and as such must be edited with that tool. There is one other way to "edit" this report if you are comfortable working with SQL directly.


          If you can get someone who has access to the Orion server to do it, they can access the SQL behind your report and export it to a location where you can copy and paste it into a new web-based report of the type "Advanced SQL query". Use the SQL option. From then on you can edit this report by directly editing the SQL query.


          The Report Writer cannot be installed apart from the entire application.

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              Hi, thanks for your reply. I know a little SQL so will give it a go, I was hoping there was a standalone application that could be installed where reports could be created and the "search" could then be uploaded to the server.