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    Add/Edit/Delete DPA Relationships via API


      Looking through the DPA entities in SWQL Studio and through the Metadata.Verb table I don't see any DPA related verbs.  So, is it possible to Add/Edit/Delete Database and Client relationships through a Powershell Script using the Orion SDK?  We currently have a case in with Support that doesn't look like it's gonna get fixed anytime soon.  The SolarWinds Information Service v3 crashes on the Client Relationship page (the second page) of the DPA Integration wizard, meaning we can't add/edit/delete any client application relationships with our databases (and a LOT of them are currently really wrong right now).  The Information Service v3 logs offer no clues, but the OrionWeb.log shows a MASSIVE query that runs right before the service crashes.  It looks like the query is so big it just overloads the SWISv3 service and crashes it (SWISv3 gets over 25GB in memory usage right before crashing).  It probably doesn't effect most customers since their SAM environment isn't as big as ours, but we have so many components that the query just chokes on it all while trying to find and discover matches.  So far Support and Development are stumped on how to fix this.  Until they fix it though I'm stuck doing manual updates.


      I know how to update it with SQL, but since there are only Database Instance ID fields in the SQL tables, it is a real pain in the **** to do since I have to use SWQL queries to look up all of the Instance Names and corresponding DatabaseInstanceID's I want to edit, then go into SQL and run the UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT queries with those ID's. I'd prefer to just do it all through the API but don't know how I can edit these things without a verb created to do so.


      Any ideas?