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    IPAM and UDT Incomplete Data


      1.) IPAM details are not available in Endpoint Details.

      2.) IPAM is missing mac and hostname assignment history.


      For problem 1. According to Solarwinds help menu the following are possible causes:


      When receiving this message, verify the following:

      • The endpoint is being monitored by UDT  Yes
      • The IP-MAC pair are directly connected to the device No, this is a layer 2 switch
      • The IP address is being managed by IPAM Yes
      • Polling the subnet and device are successful Yes
      • Verify there are proper permissions to view the device and subnet Yes


      How does UDT match the IP address to mac address? Is it only from polling the arp table of the gateway? How does this work when there are layer 2 switches between the client and the gateway?


      For problem 2.


      As with problem 1 how does IPAM match the IP to mac address? How does IPAM match the hostname? Does it match the hostname from the domain controller events 4768 and 4769 or does it periodically poll DNS?


      Interestingly when I look at the Solarwinds DB table UDT_DNSNameHistory I will see IP addresses and DNSNames listed, but when I look at an IP address from the web console that has a DB entry it will not list the history. For most of this I will see the DB tables have entries, with the pertinent information, yet the web console will not display the data.


      Any suggestions would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance.