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    Performance of Solarwinds Web Interface


      Good morning folks,


      I was thinking about opening a ticket with support but I decided to check with you guys before and maybe manage my expectations some more.


      So our Solar Web interface has become frustratingly slow. We have the following products installed on a single VM with 6 cores and 8 GB RAM:

      • VNQM
      • SRM
      • IPAM
      • SAM
      • NCM
      • IVIM
      • QoE
      • NPM
      • NTA


      The database server is a separate VM with 4 cores 24GB RAM.


      My first thought to improve performance is to probably split the solarwinds server but I don't know if there are licensing issues. Regardless, I need to improve the performance our Solarwinds interface and I would appreciate any feedback that you all can provide.


      Thank you