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    Add a placeholder/dummy node



          I have a device I wanted to add into Orion but not to be monitored at all.  It is being monitored 3rd party, but the device is physically here on site.  I just wanted to create a placeholder in Orion with the information on what it is, and physical location.  If we have to go out on the Data Floor, then someone (because they are in the habit), pull it up in Orion and it will at least show up there for informational purposes.  Is there a way to do this?  I only see a way to add a node by typing in IP/host name only.

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          Add it as an external node.

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              Sorry, I wasn't descriptive enough.  I did add as external node, but I didn't have an IP for the object.  I wanted to know if there was a way to add something without having an IP.  I just typed with a bogus IP to get it to work. If i try with just a name:

              Its just an object out on the floor we may have to cycle the power on now and again out on the data floor.  The techs are in the habit of looking up information such as a server location through our Orion set up.  I don't really see a way to just type a name and create a place holder, even by doing it through External Node, I have to type in an IP that I don't have.  Seems like if there is no communication, I should just be able to type "host name" and that should be good enough.

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                  I don't think this is possible, dragoon231. By default, SolarWinds expects to have something it can resolve when you add a node. To force it, you could add a node to a junk IP address that is pingable to your poller, and then edit the value in the database after it's added to reflect the hostname of the remote device.


                  That said, all you'd end up with is a device which is either down or unknown (or external), but you'll still be able to add data into the custom properties etc.

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                    indeed use that works !


                    we use this method for switches that are removed and have a group called storeroom with this IP in it.