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    Custom page for interface utilization




      I didn't found way to create custom page when i can show utilization port from different nodes, like Mrtg or Cacti.


      For example:


      Does anyone know if this is possible ?



      Rafi Shemesh

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          Not really sure what you're asking.  If you are asking how to see Interface Utilization for an individual interface then you just click on that interface in Orion and you will go to that Interface's "Interface Details" page.  From there you can see all the info you need about that interface, including its utilization, speed, bps, etc...  If you are saying you would like to display a specific interface's utilization and/or bps on a summary page, then you can put a resource called a Custom Object Resource on any view you want and choose the interface you want to see utilization and/or bps about.  Just make sure that you only put Custom Object Resource on summary type views, not details type views.

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            Hey rafish. Just to elaborate on xtraspecialj's comments above, what you're looking for is a custom view for your important interfaces, yes? And you want to be able to view this independently, without first having to go to a parent node? If I'm right, then these are the steps you need to take:


            1. Create a new summary view, name it as required, and to this view add as many 'Custom Object Resource' objects that match the number of interfaces you need to see the data for.
            2. Preview this new view, find the first 'Custom Object Resource' placeholder, and then click 'edit' and amend the following::
              • Change the heading and subheading as required
              • Select 'Interfaces' from the 'Choose Object Type' drop down.
              • Click 'Select Object' and locate the first interface you need to show the details for.
              • From the 'Select Object Resource' drop down, choose the metric you are interested in displaying on your view.
            3. Repeat the steps above for each 'Custom Object Resource'.
            4. When you have the graphs as you like, take a copy of the URL listed:
              • For example, /Orion/SummaryView.aspx?ViewID=140 (you don't need the leading http://yourserver.com portion/).
            5. As a final step, you could add this new view to your menu bar if you wish, which is why we took a copy of the URL in the previous step. To do this:
              • Go to 'Settings>Customise Menu Bars' and edit the relevant menu bar.
              • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click 'Add' beneath the far left column.
              • Give the new menu shortcut a name, and paste the URL you coped in Step 4 in the URL box. If required, provide a description.
              • Finally, if you wish this shortcut to open in a new window, check the box, then click 'OK'.
            6. You will see you newly created shortcut in the left column. Simply drag it over to the right column, then click 'Submit'.


            Hope this helps!