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    How to stop a scheduled download?


      So press Cancel - it says busy - and won’t stop.

      Delete is greyed out!


      The need to stop it has come about because having already specified a folder as a default remote directory, and the interface not letting me use an empty box as a source - stupidly I tried *

      So the log shows it is downloading or at least iterating through every directory on the server. Of course not what was required.


      So I guess now I am going to have to download everything off of the server before it will allow me to edit or delete the job!!! Although it has been iterating away now for at least 10 minutes and not downloaded a thing!!!!


      I suppose alternately I could - kill the process and restart right? - wrong after killing the process it won’t restart without a reboot and then of course you guessed it starts the scheduled item all over again!


      Can any ray of light propose my way forward?