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    What is the table "NetFlowFastBitStringHeap" for?


      Hi all,

      In our SolarWinds Database, I notice that the space of the table "NetFlowFastBitStringHeap" is more than 13GB, why other tables are no more than 800MB. Can someone tell me what the "NetFlowFastBitStringHeap"  is used for and can we reduce/truncate it? Is its size normal or abnormal?

      Top 10 Tables by Size

      NameSize % Size Used By IndexTotal Row Count
      NetFlowFastBitStringHeap13.38 GB46.9 %150.63 M
      InterfaceTraffic_Hourly_20160228827.38 MB24.2 %5.00 M
      AlertHistory583.04 MB14.2 %1.49 M
      Events511.84 MB20.7 %1.23 M
      APM_PortEvidence_Detail449.24 MB8.3 %2.00 M
      InterfaceTraffic_Daily_20160228373.43 MB25.9 %2.42 M
      InterfaceErrors_Hourly_20160228337.53 MB21.5 %4.95 M
      AlertLog329.22 MB7.4 %1.31 M
      InterfaceTraffic_Detail_20160305274.63 MB20.8 %1.43 M
      InterfaceTraffic_Detail_20160304269.89 MB21.7 %1.46 M