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    Have you upgraded NPM?


      If you have upgraded NPM, how did it go? Are there any "gotchas" that you wish you'd known beforehand? Which procedures or documents did you follow to perform the upgrade? Did any of your other resources need to be adjusted to work with the new version?

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          From which version, to which? If you're talking about the v12 Beta, it is definitely not recommended to install this on a live environment. If you're talking about any other, supported, version, then generally it's a peace of cake. General guidelines:


          2. If you are upgrading within a major release. i.e. from NPM 11.5.2 > NPM 11.5.3, generally it's as simple as running the downloaded executable (on your Primary Polling Engine first, then any other Scalability Engine you have (APE, AWE etc)
          3. If you have an older installation, and are upgrading, run through the SolarWinds Product Upgrade Advisor, as this will give you concise steps to follow, and will also give you a nice PDF of the steps that you can include in your RFC document for submission to the CAB!


          If you follow these steps, you should be fine.

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            No I haven't upgraded to 11.5 as yet. I'm not a fan of the new HTML pages for Alert Manager and NCM. I'm still holding of a bit longer.

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              Years ago I did an upgrade from an earlier version, I think somewhere around 8 to 10.5. Was not easy, even with Solarwinds support. Main reason being that the original install was on D drive, and the installer was missing that key component needed to put the files on D drive, and the final outcome was one messed up server. They fixed the installer during this time and after a complete rebuild I got the server back online.  Since then, the upgrades were silky smooth.

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                No will be upgrading to NPM 12 as it has stack support added into it which is good news finally.  unsure when FET support is coming though

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                  I did upgrade NPM, NPM was easy to upgrade I had a lot of problems with PM.

                  Customer agent recommended me to install it in a separate computer ( server-02). because PM. ( Patch Manager ) doesn't work well in the same machine than NPM. (server-01)
                  So, I installed PM in a different Server ( server-02),  but installation never ended bc PM had issues with the database. Customer agent created a gotomeeting and took over my computer. he/we uninstall PM again ( server-02) and everything related to it. Customer agent deleted some tables from the SolarWindsOrion database related to PM. We reinstalled PM again on server-02 but the web console.

                  After PM ( server-02 ) installation finished. We uninstalled web console from Server-01 ( NPM Machine ) and reinstalled web console again on NPM ( server-01 ) and then I setup PM Tab - setting - to reach ( server-02). Customer service was good.

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