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    Routing neighbor alert identification


      I have something I want to do, but can't quite make it work. I have routers that have dual peers with OSPF as the routing protocol, so when a link drops, Orion alerts of the neighbor being down, however, since these are all Ethernet based, unless there is a Layer1 outage, it wont tell us which neighbor it is. All it reports is the routing neighbor IP address on the node. So what I was hoping to do was create an unpolled node with that IP and give it a name, such as the ISP along sith the circuit ID under the details. 


      Is there any way for Orion to put this node which matches the IP of the neighbor in the alert?   The end goal is for the helpdesk to be able to open a ticket with the carrier when they get the alert while they are assigning an internal ticket to a tech to help speed things up.  Since helpdesk is usually ticket creators, and have no insight of what is what, having as much information in the alert would go a long way to providing the fastest resolution to an outage.

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          If you create a node with the IP address of the neighbors that is down you can try this to have the name of the node


          ${SQL:SELECT Caption FROM NodesData left join NodeIPAddresses on NodesData.NodeID=NodeIPAddresses.NodeID where (NodeIPAddresses.IPAddress='${N=SwisEntity;M=NeighborIP}' OR NodesData.IP_Address='${N=SwisEntity;M=NeighborIP}')}


          Hope this help