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    What if scenario in Capacity Planning


      I need to know what performance would be for a cluster if we were to remove a couple of hosts from it. I also need to know how to project what performance would be in the future, like a year from now based on the rate of guests that have been added over to.


      Can anyone shed some light??

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          you can get such information in Capacity Planner. First run the calculation over the cluster:

          1) perform a new search query over Hosts: example: host.cluster.name:Bas* , select all hosts (or don't select any) and press Plan button:

          2) in Capacity Planner press "Calculate" button and switch to Consumption. You'll see predictions for CPU, Memory, ...

          3) now go back to Search module, select just hosts you want to include in the calculation and press Plan button again:

          4) repeat step 2)


          You should get an overview how the cluster will work with the selected host(s) only.


          Does it answer your quesiton?