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    WHD randomly does not sync A/D attributes. (LDAP)


      We have a problem where the LDAP connector will randomly not sync for clients attributes.

      The 2 attributes referenced below will randomly sync for clients from A/D. The user objects are located in the same OU's in A/D.  Some will sync when the next one will not.

      The clients that does sync do so consistently.
      (WHD) Location Attribute : (A/D) homePostalAddress
      (WHD) Room Attribute : (A/D) physicalDeliveryOfficeName


      The following will sync consistently across all OU's in A/D for all user objects.
      Phone 1 Attribute : telephoneNumber.
      Department Attribute : department

      The naming convention is consistent and standard for both clients fully / partially populated in the different OU's.


      Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.