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    MIB for SRM


      We have configured thresholds alerts in SolarWinds SRM for capacity, peformance of storage devices. The trigger actions are email alert and SNMP trap forwarding. For trap forwarding, we have provided IBM Netcool as remote trap destination. On Netcool side, they are able to receive the traps but cannot parse it as it is showing "Enterprise ID not found". We have gone through few community links where we found that that MIB file for SolarWinds SRM is located in "\Program Files\SolarWinds\Common\". Found two files "SolarWinds-Traps.MIB" and "SolarWinds-Products.MIB" and shared with Netcool team. They informed they are not able to parse the MIBs. Moreover, if we open those MIBs it tells 'DESCRIPTION "This MIB Module defines the generic traps generated by SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor."' Need to confirm if this MIBs will work for SRM tool as well and we have identifiers to define storage metrics in those MIBs. Need expert view on this.

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          Lubomir Krausko


          is it exactly as in the description. The MIBs is related mainly to Network Performance Monitor and modules based on nodes. SRM is based on storage arrays and SRM does not use MIB file and also does not have any specification in the the file.




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              Hi Lubomir,


              Let me rephrase my question. I've configured SRM threshold alerting like "Array Operational Status" / "LUN Response time" / "Disk Operational Status" / "Pool Capacity Threshold exceed" etc. In trigger action for each alert, i've configured "Email alert" and "SNMP trap". For SNMP trap, i've have provided IP of remote trap destination (Netcool server), Trap template: "Orion-Detailed-Alert", SNMP version SNMP1, Community String "Public". Configured the same for Reset Trigger Action as well.


              Based on this configuration, we are getting traps from SRM to Netcool. But they are not able to parse this traps.

              Now when you say SRM does not use MIB file then how the traps will be parsed in remote trap destination? How the OIDs sent through traps by SRM will be identified in remote trap destination? Please let me know.