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    Multiple sites


      I have multiple site and would like engineers at their prospective site to only see their information.  Would like main headquarters to see the entire network.  Is this possible?

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          Absolutely! When you create the users for the various sites, just give them only access to the devices you want them to see.


          Go to Manage Accounts and select the user you wish to Edit.

          Then scroll down to the Account Limitation section and click on Add Limitation.

          This will give you a huge list of Limitations. You can select "System Name Pattern" if they all have a unique site identifier, or you can select "Group of Nodes" and just select the node you wish for them to see.


          You can then also customise a homepage for them with a network map that's applicable to them. In windows like the Active Alerts and Top 10 Nodes by Average Response Time will only fill in the with the devices they're allowed to see.


          Hope that helps.

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              Further to this, you can create a custom property on Nodes that designates the Site that the Node is a member of, and then build the account limitation around that Custom Property. You can then allow specific people to see only nodes that are at this/that site/sites (you can even let them see multiple ones, for example if you want an employee to see Sites A and C but not B, then you just assign all nodes to their respective Sites and then build a limitation that allows A and C or disallows B. Hope that helps! Please feel free to contact me if you need help setting that up.

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              That did help but can this be done using users on AD.  Most of my users will have AD accounts tied to SW.  Will this still work or will I have to configure each site with AD user accounts.