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    [Help] Monitoring BGP Status for all Nodes


      Hi Thwack Community,


      I am trying to monitor the BGP status on all of routers so that we can be alerted if the status changes.

      Recently we have had Backup circuits at our facilities fail, but because the port status doesn't change from up to down, our NOC monitoring is not picking it up.

      Therefore I wanted to create a new widget on the NOC to alert when a BGP status changes.


      Does anyone know of a way to do this?


      Ideally, I would want to have something similar to this:

      NODE NAME             INTERFACE          IP ADDRESS               BGP STATUS               CHANGED TIME/DATE

      Router123                    g0/1                                   Idle                              01/03/2016 10:20




      There is a widget on the Network tab on the Node that shows the routing neighbours information, but that is just for the one node. I need something that will monitor all devices, and report them in a table.


      Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

      Routing Neighbours.PNG