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    Patch manager installation failed


      Hi all


      I'm trying to install patch manager in my non-domain environment. my WSUS runs windows server 2008. I have a blank box running the same version as my wsus server. i chose to install a local sql database, i chose that i will add my own wsus server., but the configuration wizard gives me this error:

      "The configuration wizard has failed


      •  Microsoft Update Sevices installation failed. Details: The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform."

      (See attached snapshot)


      I don't know if i install patch manager on a different server version(Maybe WS2012) will make any difference. the reason why i chose to use server 2008 instead of 2012 i was told that patch manager server and wsus server must be of the same version so that communication can be faster/reliable. my swsus runs server 2008.


      and also "MMC cannot initialize the snap-in" when i try to run the actual patch manager launcher icon.



      Please help



      Dennis Shiburi