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    New asset Discovery in WHD replacing existing asset!!??


      Hi guys, i'm looking for a bit of advice. We have recently purchased WHD (to replace Dell Kace) and i'm still trying to get to grips with it. I have noticed it doing a number of odd things, but the most annoying of these is starting to affect my day to day work.


      It happens when i am trying to get WHD to discover all of my computer assets. I ran the discovery tool using the WHD Discovery Engine and it found just over 550 of our 600 PC's. Ok, not a problem i thought, i can add the others individually by IP address.


      And that was when the problem started. Every time i add a new PC, individually, via IP Address, instead of adding it, it will REPLACE a random other PC in the asset list.


      (Okay bare with me for long winded explanation...)


      It took me a while to figure out it was replacing existing assets, as each time i did it the number of assets stayed the same. I just thought it wasn't adding it. But then i noticed that the new PC i added WAS actually in the list, but the Location and Department fields which would normally be blank on a new asset were filled, but with a different location and different department.


      Now, the IP addresses of the NEW asset found and the OLD asset replaced are completely different. Even on a different subnet so i don't understand why it is overwriting a random old asset??


      Has anyone come across anything like this before? Does all that even make sense??


      Also just to add we have licenses for 1000 PC's so its not as if i have reached the limit of my assets!


      All help much appreciated!