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    Kiwi CatTools failed to connect via SSH to Windows Server




      I want to use a Windows Server as a hop to connect to a few junipers. If i start the job to backup the device i get the following error message: Failed to determine hostname - no CR or LF. If i connect via Putty to the Windows Server, all works fine and i can Log in and can type some commands. Log in via CatTools works fine but then i get the error message above.


      Device Settings:

      Device Type: Cisco.Router.General

      no variations or prompt settings currently set

      Username and Password is set correctly


      I can´t customize the prompt from the windows server, so i need to get it work with the normal Windows CMD prompt.

      I´ve set a few prompt settings in Kiwi CatTools but nothing works.


      I hope you can help me in this Case.


      Windows OS: Windows Server 2008 R2

      SSH Client/Server: FreeSSHd

      Kiwi CatTools Version: 3.10


      Thank you for your help.