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    i sure some know or think microsoft takeing data or  think microsoft doing more then should


      I got 25 years in pc I had first pc ran dos

      for last 4 mouths 16 hrs a day 7 days week

      I have seen microsoft hack my computers change data change security leves on gpo

      or even turn them off all togather

      I had txt file all txt file had in it list microsoft servers each doc the contents was del and file was still there but all in it gone how

      microsoft running what they call side by side they running a 2ed os on all computers

      they running what looks like web server in root c:\VTROOT

      all u do is place here,  the 2ed os is installed va hidden partttion wich u cant find but will call on microsoft server to update your pc

      the files is loaded to c:\windows\winsxs  this where most files put

      they run from c:\windows\syswow64  programs there exploer print spooler ping out on 443

      they link to sever they use vpnplugins to gain compleat access to pc but don't need it

      they have other meens to gain compeat control

      I found there hacking tools on my pc there tools was to gather network passwords

      other was to gather sams data

      microsoft stole a video and reported me why

      I on twiter user name cincinnatiman0

      I have tone of photos to back this up

      I am a microsoft partner I suppose to help them

      I cant alow them to break the laws 4 past 4 mouths they made me rebuld my system

      my domain not powerfull enouf to run the securry programs needed its a 4 core 24 gigs

      its run 2012 r2 fine but push it to run sql and all this other stuff cpus cant do it

      throw my workstation can at 24 core 24 gigs

      it has the power

      I wont wast time post photos here please check my tweeter account

      u will find all u need know

      microsoft stolen leagle document photos

      and anything I look at

      microsoft think they do what they want with out repocutions

      but me I feel we people have final say

      what do we say

      what do u say

      look the proof

      I found hidden partion in hypper v it dose show up

      u go from clean install windows 8,1 should get ie 8

      and get alleart with all network down

      ie been upgraded to 11

      HOW ,

      micorosoft ntfs permission no longer matter they get around them

      the new programing alow them get around all securty

      and encrition as well

      whats safe right now nothing

      I know of 15 servers

      all microsoft used to hack

      and they still update still get on my pc

      how I think back door is hidden partition

      I think there remore access comes from there

      and if so going be very hard stop them but not impossable

      I know how make windows 10 100 percent better

      my spelling do to add so is how much I know about computers

      most don't see computers how I do

      I runningwindows 8,1 hyper v 2012 r2 server

      it has compleat access to my domain

      never been done no one ever consider it

      but u do need a powerfull workstation one do true multitasking hp z800

      and it can do the job

      read my twitter join me stop microsoft

      I want justice department take hole board and ceo on cramial charges

      I see twitter as meens to start a war but can only do it with enouf people to back me

      there is full time line what microsoft done to me