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    IOPS Totals in SRM


      When reading IOPs Totals in the Performance Summary chart.. How is that data gathered? Is this a representation of SRM hitting the disks directly or is it hitting Cache and disks... EMC Isilons IOPS Total warning threshold is said to be 10k/ps but SRM current values are in the 100k\ps range..


      SRM product documentation appears not to show this level of detail..


      What am I missing?

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          Lubomir Krausko


          the data, SRM is displaying, comes from provider. SRM definitely not hitting any resource on the storage. It absolutely not touches the HW itself in any way


          What SRM is doing is only talking to data provider of the storage array. In this case SRM is talking to EMC Isilon provider, what is a service from EMC that contains data about the storage and its counters. SRM only reads this data and counters, and transforming those to particular polling interval that is by default 15 mins. So data you can see are aggregated by this polling interval. Also charts by default have sampling for 30 minutes or 1 hour, so if you see any data at SRM dashboard, think that those are aggregated for some period and thus those values might differ from the native console. It is only perspective what SRM and native console displays.


          You can, of course, lower this sampling interval on charts (by clicking on Edit button in the resource) and also you can adjust the polling interval based on your preferences (navigate to Array Details and click on Edit Array link), but also think that if the polling interval is too low, data gathering will not have enough time to finish it in the requested interval and thus data will be still aggregated by larger period.


          I hope I explained something to you and I did not confuse you too much




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