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    Automatic e-mail reply to client (from third party)


      Dear all,


      We use WHD 12.1.0 for a while now. So far we were able to configure the application to work in the way we wanted. Only recently we became aware of a problem which it seems we can't solve. Maybe somebody else has seen it and knows a way to fix this. Here it goes:


      • Ticket is opened by our "front-of-house" team with a full technician WHD account under a client name
      • The ticket will be assigned to technician to start troubleshooting
      • Sometimes we need to contact a supplier. We do this to CC an e-mail to the supplier
      • The supplier replies to the e-mail (which was send with WHD) and will be added straight into the ticket


      So far so good.


      It seems if we doing this each time the supplier replies to the e-mail (they receive from WHD) the client of the ticket does get a copy of the e-mail too. This is not really what we wanted, because the user gets information just from the middle of troubleshooting. Of course this can be confusing.


      Is there a way to configure WHD not to send the client of a ticket an e-mail if the ticket is updated by a third party by e-mail?


      Thank you for your help.