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    Resolved versus closed


      I cannot find a definition of "resolved" and "closed" for these ticket status types.  What impacts does each of these status types have?  All I've been able to see to date is that resolved tickets will stay in your ticket view, closed ones will not.  Is that all?

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          Resolved sends an email to the requester and waits for them to reply to confirm the issue has been taken care of. it will close if they say YES it has been

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            In addition resolved allows the user to reopen a ticket if they click no in the email. Closed means its closed for good.

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              There is no standard definition, because Status Types in Web Help Desk may be configured by the Administrator. That means the Administrator decides what the definition for Closed or Resolved will be.




              Resolved - This status type includes an option to prompt Clients for acceptance. When a Technician selects this status type, and then clicks on the "Save & E-Mail" button, an e-mail will be sent to the Client with the message: Was the issue resolved? The e-mail includes voting buttons (e.g. YES; NO ) to prompt the client to confirm the issue has been resolved. If the Client indicates the issue was resolved (1) by clicking YES, then Web Help Desk automatically changes the Status Type to Closed. If the Client indicates the issue was not resolved (2), by clicking NO, the ticket will be reopened. This can be configured in Setup > Tickets > Status Types > Options > Reopened Status Type > {value}. Personally, I set this to Unresolved. When I create an Unresolved status type, I select the following options:


              - Include in My/Group Tickets Filter
              - Alerts Enabled    

              - Count Time
              - Show in Calendar

              Finally, if the Client does not respond to the e-mail (3), then I use the Automatically Close Ticket After in Resolved status type to close the ticket after 3 Business Days.


              Closed - This status type is generally considered the final status in the Ticket Life Cycle. That is, unless the Clients Can Reopen Closed Tickets has been configured in Status Type > Options.

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                  Hi icarriere

                  Do you know if there is a way of making the default text bigger for the

                  Was your issue resolved?





                  My clients seem to miss this request so I wanted to edit the text to make it bigger or highlighted in the email to identify that a response is required.


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                  I'll bet there is a way to make the default text size larger, but I'm going to guess it's done through the database tables.

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                      You can use bb-codes in the email template in Setup/Emails/Templates - Resolved Tciket greeting


                      I have the following in the Template definition:


                      <first_name>, thank you for using <helpdesk_name>.
                      Your ticket (<ticket_id>) has been given a status as "Solution Provided"

                      [b][size=12]Your feedback means alot to us![/size][/b]
                      If you are happy with the response provided to your query or service request, kindly confirm by using the [b]Yes[/b] button link in the feedback section below.
                      You may use the [b]No[/b] button link to reopen the ticket if you require further assistance. We will be happy to review your comments or issue again.


                      You can also use the bb-codes to add colour. Some of bb-codes available:


                      • [code]your code here[/code]
                      • [quote]Text[/quote]
                      • [quote=Author]Text[/quote]
                      • [b]bold[/b]
                      • [i]italics[/i]
                      • [u]underscored[/u]
                      • [list] [*]First item [*] Second Item
                      • [img]URL[/img]
                      • [email]address[/email]
                      • [email=address]Text[/email]
                      • [url]address[/url]
                      • [url=address]Text[/url]
                      • [color=name]Text[/color]supports HTML color names)
                      • [size=number pixels]Text[/size][google]key words[/google]
                      • [google=key ords]Text[/google]
                      • [faq id=number]


                      Hope this helps!