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    NPM 10.7 HW Status


      Good day fellow Solarwinds Users,


      I have an issue with NPM 10.7


      Recently our time on the NPM server was skewed ( by over 20 years) which caused us to have to repair all the job schedulers / etc


      Now a big chunk of our devices ( windows only ) HW polling is not working


      Over 80 percent of our Windows systems HW polling fails with the below


      Hardware polling failed: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) Scope: ########\root\cimv2\dell ErrorCode: 0x80070005


      Overall Hardware Status 'Overall Hardware Status' has state: Could Not Poll.


      Permissions on the service account haven't changed, same access , nothing changed there. The time issue is resolved.


      When you check the poll time on the effected systems it shows Last Poll Time  3/1/2016 9:44:46 PM ( march 1st 2016) , which I thought was causing the issue but other systems with the

      same skewed time are working fine for last HW poll time


      What gives?