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    Technician Billing Rates


      Hello again!


      We've started playing around with the billing and invoices in Helpdesk and I've gotten stumped on this part.


      When we view an invoice as a PDF, it shows all the labor time with the description 'Technician' (that's what we set the rate up as), but doesn't show anywhere which technician was responsible for the particular labor charge (Tech A may have done one entry and Tech B may have done another, but it doesn't show who).  We've figured out that we need to add new rates (something we want to do anyways, since our level 2 technicians will probably be more of a cost than our level 1 techs), but when we did that we're still faced with the problem that the technicians have to choose the proper rate when they're leaving notes.


      What we would like to do is have the rate tied to particular users - Tech A would have their default rate be Tech A, and maybe not even be able to select Tech B, or the level 2 techs have their own rates, etc.  I haven't been able to find how to do that though - does anyone know if there's a setting for this/where it would be?