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    F5 GTM 7255 High CPU Usage


      I constantly get high cpu usage from our GTM devices but in reality usage is very low/minimal.



      I have done some research and there is a way to calculate accurate usage but it involves multiple SNMP queries to get initial values and then to calculate based off of delta...I do not think this is possible via Orion today. How would I calculate CPU usage?


      Here is a link to F5's documentation: AskF5 | Manual Chapter: Configuring SNMP


      To calculate CPU usage data manually



      Poll the OID sysMultiHostCpuUser (. twice, at a 10-second interval.
      This results in two values, <sysMultiHostCpuUser1> and <sysMultiHostCpuUser2>.

      Note: Although this example uses an interval of ten seconds, the interval can actually be any duration that you choose.




      Calculate the delta of the two poll values:

      <DeltaCpuUser> = <sysMultiHostCpuUser2> - <sysMultiHostCpuUser1>




      Repeat steps one and two for each OID pertaining to the CPU[0-n] graph metric.




      Repeat steps 1 and 2 again, using the OIDs from the MIBs sysStatTm and sysGlobalHostCpu.




      Calculate the values of the graph metrics, using the formulas shown in Table 21.16.