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    Extracting Single Row from Table


      I am trying to extract data for devices in Device Studio to make custom pollers for Node Details. I am currently working on the RSA SecurID appliances (2197). The only values that can act as MachineType and Software Version are reported back in tables. I have not been able to find any information on how to tell Orion (calculate) to only use the first value returned for the poller. Haven't tried playing with RegEx to see if it's capable of that, but I'm not sure how RegEx deals with Tables.

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          It looks like what you need the option to do, similar to the Universal Device Poller, is to have the option to change the polling method from GET-TABLE to GET-NEXT. That would at least solve this initial problem. Ultimately, a way to extract table data would be ideal, where you specify an individual row. Something like TableRow([value],3) would return row 3 of the specified table.

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            If you keep the Tabular Poller - using an argument to include the RowID =  (Provided you know the specific Row ID)


            If you do not want the tabular poller -

                   give us the Table OID .....  - Table poller ends with Value X (and pulls a table of values.... so match the exact value you want with the proper row... that Row has a full OID Value that you can use for the single UnDP

                       - to poll for just the single entity's value - instead of the entire table.