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    Patch Manager - First Time Usage Wizard


      We have a new installation of Patch Manager on the same Server as WSUS.  Attempting to run through the First Time Usage Wizard to Add a computer and test install some patches.  We add the computer and the same credentials as we have used throughout (Domain Admin) it attempts to download 100+ packages and gather information about the computer but then halts as the computer is already managed via WSUS.  It prompts for credentials (Domain Admin) but then fails with a SQL error as cannot insert a duplicate key (already exists).  More info below;


      Computers could not be automatically prepared for patching

      Unable to create a scope and test credentials

      Computers are configured to use existing WSUS Server

      Violation of primary key constraint 'PK_UpdateServicesServer'.  Cannot insert duplicate key in object


      Not sure what I have to do to allow Patch Manager to manage WSUS managed clients?  The WSUS Server shows up in the Patch Manager console and we can successfully navigate and query it without error.