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    What serial-to-Ethernet terminal service hardware do you use to provide remote access to switches & routers when SSH isn't available?


      I've used some simple serial-to-Ethernet terminal server mini-appliances to provide console access to network appliances, but only on a very limited basis.


      We've talked about building an Out-Of-Band network for our equipment in our data centers, and we've talked about providing in-band terminal service appliances.


      I'm asking you:  If you use a terminal server to provide direct console connection to your switches & routers:


      1. What brand and model of terminal server do you use?
      2. How many console cables and simultaneous connections does it provide?
      3. What security concerns do you have with it?
      4. How resilient is it?  Examples include dual power supplies, port-channel capabilities, support for HA configurations, etc.
      5. What price range does your biggest terminal service solution fall into?
      6. Do you have a terminal service solution that you use for data / network rooms?
        1. If so, tell us more about it, please?
        2. How many edge devices can it support?
        3. I realize distance is a factor for serial connections.  How many network rooms can it aggregate?