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    Top 10 NRT (TCP Handshake) - Data is not Available


      I'm hoping that someone can help me by explaining why this graph, the "Top 10 Network Response Time (TCP Handshake)" graph isn't available on our QoE Dashboard.  This has been the case ever since I began trying to set up the QoE monitoring. 


      The settings (all default, under edit,) the grouping is set to "node," the category is set to "Network Monitoring," the risk level is set to "All," and the productivity rating is set to "All."  Under advanced, both the chart title & subtitle are blank.


      Is it possible that the cause is due to my only using server sensors at this time?  I plan to eventually set up network sensors as well, but haven't done so just yet.


      Each individual node does show a "Top 10 Network Response Time (TCP Handshake)" graph when selecting a node, then going to the QoE tab for the node.


      I'm hoping someone can tell me what I must be doing wrong.


      Please see the 2 attached screen shots:  "Top10.jpg" is the screen shot of the dashboard, while "Top10-node.jpg" is an example of what is seen at the node level (the graph IS available.)


      Thanks in advance!