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    Upgrading ipMonitor


      Exploring options of upgrading ipMonitor application at my agency. 


      Current environment = ipMonitor version 10.0 build 1371

      Current number of monitors = 4500


      Exploring going to version 10.8, but there appears to be some limitations with how licensing is handle.  In our current out of support environment we have unlimited licensing.  The current version of ipMonitor's license is limited to 500 monitors.

      I have the following questions:

      -  Can multiple license exist on one server?  If not, does that mean I would have to stand up 10 stand alone servers to support current environment that exists on a single server today?

      -  Is there a means of linking these servers under one console in ipMonitor?


      Respectfully Yours,


      Scott Tipton

      Infrastructure Specialist

      Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.

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          If you have the unlimited license, and your maintenance stays current, you will keep the same license.  There is not a way to add multiple licenses on one system (You would need an install for each license)


          There is not currently a way to link multiple servers under one console..

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            Good Morning BKyle!!


            Thanks for the update. Digging into this our agency is not current with licensing.  Looks like our license went out around 2012 or 2013


            Our agency license code = D33D-7DAD-EB84-491D-AB75-B242-A108-8876

            4514 / Unlimited Monitors