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    How to get connected device hostnames from Access Point?


      I'm trying to find correct SQL query to find "connected" devices from Access Point.

      Currently I can find devices with switch names with current query.


      Select p2e.endpointid, e.MACAddress, ipc.IPAddress, dns.DNSName, P.Name, P.PortDescription, P2E.VlanID, N.Caption, ConnectionType, e.LastUpdate From Orion.UDT.PortToEndpointCurrent p2e left outer join Orion.UDT.Endpoint e on e.EndpointID= p2e.endpointid left outer join Orion.UDT.IPAddressCurrent ipc on p2e.EndpointId = ipc.EndpointID left outer join Orion.UDT.DNSNameCurrent dns on ipc.ipaddressID = dns.IPAddressID left outer join Orion.UDT.port P on P.PortID = p2e.PortID left outer join Orion.Nodes n on p.Nodeid = n.Nodeid where p2e.ConnectionType=1 and dns.DNSName is not null


      I haven't found way to find tables which contains information about devices which are using access point.

      Is there such information available?