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    Create custom page to troubleshoot internet bandwidth hogs


      Hello everyone


      We have NTA and NPM and want to start creating some custom pages that would allow sysadmins to target certain types of traffic quickly.  The first one I would like to create is one that shows who is eating all the internet bandwidth.  Fortunately we are in an environment that only has 3 egress points to the internet.  Most offices back haul their traffic over their MPLS.   This means that these 3 egresses can get hammered pretty hard.   I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of how to accomplish this.  The first thing I ran into was how to define what internet traffic is.  I could not find a public IP address group.



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          I'm guessing that you are monitoring the interfaces. So what I do is that I've created an email alert that will email me if any of my remote links go over 90% utilisation for a continuous 10 mins. In the email I include a link that goes directly to the interface in question's page in Solarwinds. On that page I show the NTA graphs as well so it's easy to see who is hogging all the bandwidth at that moment in time.

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            Parker Robinson

            At my old job, we used a proxy server for web access.  I created an IP address group with only the IP of that proxy server, and whola! We only had one single DS3 connection, so I monitored that connection via where it came in on our Cisco ASA and of course enabled netflow on it.  I remember our internet traffic was easy to spot bc it was the IP address of our proxy server. I also remember having to add the proxy server's switch port interface to be monitored by NPM.