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    NCM 7.4.x report interfaces vlan member states cisco Sql



      I need to pull quite a lot of data from the DB for migration project

      I got somewhere with help of that port count  thread.

      the question is there full text backup of the nodes in the DB?

      I will sure like to "Grep" some information from that backup and join it to that Sql repot.

      I have now Sql report with Node-port-up/down

      like to have node-port-up/down-vlan-id


      I need to enrich the interface report with service (VLAN-ID PER PORT)

      I can do that with "grebbing" full text from the BACKUP

      "native vlan Xy"


      But looking for better way ..


      interface FastEthernet1/33interface FastEthernet1/33
      description Managed by HP SA. Installation=XYZdescription Managed by HP SA. Installation=XyZ
      switchport trunk encapsulation dot1qswitchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
      switchport trunk native vlan 20switchport trunk native vlan 99
      switchport trunk allowed vlan 2,20