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    SolarWinds DR ?  Backup Instance ?


      Curious what the SolarWinds gurus advise to do during times of maintenance ?   My current SolarWinds instance is comprised of the following:


           - Primary Poller

           - 3 additional Pollers on the internal network

           - 4 additional Pollers in the DMZ

           - 11,000 Devices (3500 ICMP)

           - Modules : NPM, IP Address MGR, SAM, NCM, VOIP, UDT


      Multiple groups including our NOC rely on SolarWinds for a number of things.   What should we do when we go into maintenance mode ?  I have unfortunately had situations where SolarWinds didn't "upgrade" quite as expected in which I had intermittent "flapping" of the application over several hours.  Other times upgrades go as expected with little to no downtime.  I have to assume with the alerting capabilities of SolarWinds other customers have this problem as well. 


      At a very basic level we have thought about buying a single instance of NPM on a single server and only using ICMP.  This will at least provide our NOC with a single pane of glass in which they can determine if something is massively wrong. 


      Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.