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    IPAM Export and Import (migration to new server)


      I am interested in rebuilding our entire SolarWinds Orion suite on a new set of servers. Our environment has changed radically, so we are going to start over with devices, configuration, etc.  The only data I want to carry over to the new platform is the IPAM database.


      What would be the best suggestion for doing this?  Is there an easy way to export all the IPAM data from the old system and bring it in to the new system?

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          I am in exactly the same scenario right now.  The export to csv/xls function is next to useless (is missing VLANs, custom attributes etc) and also doesnt include the hierarchy + supernets + folders.


          If you worked it out please say how and if not I will post back if I work it out?

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              I successfully moved the IPAM data from our old installation to a freshly installed server.  I must credit the SolarWinds technical support team for assisting me with this, as they consulted with a developer to get the information needed.


              Here are the steps (somewhat edited by me):


              1. Make sure the OLD and NEW server have the same IPAM version installed

              2. Make a backup of your NEW server database, in case you need to revert and try again (saves you the trouble of reinstalling Orion platform all over again)

              3. Use the SQL Server Import task (on the NEW database) to migrate over the data.  Select all the tables that start with "IPAM_* " (Except IPAM_Engine!  Do not import this table)

              4. Before importing, select each IPAM table and click on EditMappings on the wizard, then select "Delete rows in destination table" option and select the checkbox "Enable Identity insert" option.  Make sure to use these settings for each IPAM table (except the IPAM_Engine table)

              5. Proceed next and select "Run Immediately" and click on "Finish" button, once imported all the data, user can see "Successful" message.


              If there is difficulty in viewing the data on IPAM web, Restart the orion service, if still has problem run configwizard for "website" alone, then user can view details.

              Once after finished above steps, user needs to remove DHCP and DNS server from IPAM and Add freshly to IPAM.




              I hope this helps you.



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