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    12.4 Release Candidate features


      We just got this email regarding :


      We have recently reached Release Candidate (RC) phase for our next release Web Help Desk 12.4. This release contains many improvements focused on security and stability such as:

      Security improvements

      • Improved security across the application for FIPS-mode SSL connections, namely:
        • HTTP over SSL connections
        • Microsoft® Exchange, IMAP, POP3, and SMTP over SSL
        • WMI and other asset discovery connections over SSL
        • LDAP over SSL
        • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Server and Application Monitor (SAM), and Network Configuration Manager (NCM) integration over SSL
      • User password hashes, integration password hashes, and other static data such as database custom fields and stored credentials
      • Detection and indication of system cryptography status
      • Automatic migration of all stored passwords for stronger and more secure cryptography
      • Oracle® Java™ 8 support
      • Over 100 bug fixes that hugely improve the stability of the application



      Let me just say, if I could drop this product, I would do so in a heartbeat. It's not my call though. ~4 years have passed since the acquisition. I was so enthusiastic after the acquisition and even participated in feedback sessions with some folks at SolarWinds when they first got acquired. Years later and nothing drastic has changed (we've had 3-4 major releases since then? ). The updates are far and few in between and then you get releases like 12.4 which focus on features that are not transparent or useful for techs (not to put down security, but it is quite ridiculous that's all we're getting). Are you kidding me? I normally try to be understanding, but this is so unacceptable on so many levels. They say that they get feedback on features customers want aren't all shown here. But just look at what's been implemented from the requests here: https://thwack.solarwinds.com/community/tools_tht/web-help-desk/web-help-desk-feature-requests/content?filterID=contentstatus[published]~objecttype~objecttype[idea]~ideaStage[2]

      And then look at the release notes for the last couple of versions: http://www.solarwinds.com/documentation/webhelpdesk/docs/releasenotes/whd-12-3-0.htm


      Actions speak louder than words here. You can say what you want regarding how hard developers are working on improving this or that, but prior to the acquisition there was a much more rapid release of new features so one would think things would have improved with a bigger company supporting the product. This product has been such a disappointment.

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          Its disappointing if this release is only security related and if its not then SW needs to communicate that.  There are several basic features that should already be included that aren't.  When asked the default response is to submit a feature request.  Here are the top 5 right now and none relate to security.







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            Peter Krutý

            I hear you and we are actually already working in several tracks on new features.


            Here is some history of this product. When we acquired Web Help Desk we acquired it with a technological debt and with the commitment to address it. This debt consists of several architectural challenges and also in technology used (Web Objects framework). To allow us to accelerate work on new features we need to address this debt first and we are working on it busily. It is preventing us to implement some of the new stuff you are asking for. This is unfortunately mostly invisible work to you however we did change FAQs, we have a new reporting engine in reporting and we are working on new dashboards right now.


            Since some of this work is significantly big (as basically we are rewriting the most of the product) we had to make a decision to release something sooner or wait more and release larger more feature-packed release. Since security is critical for many our users and we wanted to address these urgent matter as soon as possible, we decided for this release. That said, we are already planning another Beta soon to show new dashboards and collect early feedback.


            Some of the things we are working on are features from the list above, posted by kjette.

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                I don't disagree that there may have been some technological debts when the product was first acquired. I also notice that you used the "FAQ" as evidence of progress. I've posted here and on several other threads that the only thing that really was accomplished by changing the FAQs was to break some of the functionality that I already enjoyed. I've had an open ticket with support since September wherein images that I attach to a FAQ will not display properly when I try to reference them. This worked beautifully in the old system and since it was "changed" it hasn't worked since. It's incredibly frustrating.