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    WHD for Employee Lifecycle Tracking


      Currently we have a separate DB for tracking employee's; their roles, managers, assets.  I would like to investigate centralizing this in WHD, but want to find out if this an appropriate tool to use in this capacity. 

      We already sync with AD, but if we have a helpdesk workflow to provision a user account how would we have that record exist first in WHD and then have it align with the resulting AD account that would be created...


      Is anyone using WHD for this purpose?  If so, how are you doing it?



      Andy E.

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          In general, Client (end-user) accounts in WHD can store basic info about the users (username/first name/last name/telephone/email/location/department/company) but you can also create any Client Custom Fields that you'd like to in order to store other info, like Role for example.


          If you have an LDAP connection configured in Active Directory, you can have a sync to periodically run and pull any new users in AD and create WHD Client accounts for them automatically.   You can map over whatever AD fields you'd like to the custom fields.


          Usually, the Client record would not exist first in WHD - it would be created in AD, then be synced in.   


          You may wish to check out this other thread which talks a bit about setting up an onboarding/new hire process in WHD:

          Onboarding process managed by Web Help Desk