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    FTP Voyager failing to resolve FTP Account


      I have a new Dell computer with Windows 10 pre installed

      When I attempt to log into my ftp account at GoDaddy.com, I get these messages (changed the website name):


      STATUS> Resolving host "ftp://examplesite.com"

      ERROR> Unable to resolve "ftp://examplesite.com" [11003]


      Don't know what error code 11003 is.


      The program tries multiple connection attempts and they all fail.


      I had no problem connecting to my FTP site from my old Windows 7 PC.

      I tried using the IP address instead of the URL and it still failed.

      I used the tracert DOS command to make sure my PC could connect to the GoDaddy servers and there were no errors.


      I spoke with a GoDaddy customer service representative and they could not get me connected to the FTP site using FTP Voyager.


      I'm hoping a future software update will fix this issue.


      Does anyone have any ideas that I should try?