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    Adding UnDP to a node using python


      Hey guys


      I've been working on writing a script to automatically adding new servers inside Solarwinds monitoring suite.

      So far so good, I have been able to add a node, update it's custom properties, delete it, add pollers and stuff.

      I also have seen this qustion asked before but only for Powershell, not python. And most of the time they talk about

      pollers, not the UnDP.


      What I would like to accomplish is adding the Universal Device Pollers (UnDP) to a node.


      Just like if I did it via the web GUI.

      Manage node -> check the node -> poolers


      Then I would like to add the vmGuestOS and vmGuestState UnDP.


      Anyone have pointers?

      Docs I could read about that?



      I have searched google to no avail.

        • Re: Adding UnDP to a node using python

          Ok I got it to work with python.


          Here's how I've done it, considering I already have a node id and a swis instance created:


          def addCustomPoller( swis, nodeid, custPollerList ):


              for custPoll in custPollerList:

                  result = swis.query("SELECT CustomPollerID FROM Orion.NPM.CustomPollers WHERE UniqueName=@CP", CP=custPoll)

                  props = {

                      'NodeID': nodeid,

                      'CustomPollerID': result['results'][0]['CustomPollerID']


                  swis.create('Orion.NPM.CustomPollerAssignmentOnNode', **props)


          addCustomPoller( swis,  nodeid, ['vmGuestOS', 'vmGuestState', 'laLoad'] )


          This will search for 3 CustomPoller named vmGuestOS, vmGuestState and laLoad

          Get their CustomPollerID and then add these to a NodeID..