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      There is a table in the database called NetFlowDetailTables. It references other tables along the lines of NetflowDetail_N_NNNNNN. However, those tables do not exist anywhere in the database. Any idea where they might be? New to Orion and SQL. I just need to locate these darn tables so I can query them. Thanks.

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          They are on the Satellite NTA server (if you have one) and they are under the SWQL database structure. They are really a fort of "Flat file " of data.

          They exist where your production database is located. Go to that path and then expand  the Netflow production database. under that, you will find the "Flows" folder and inside that, you will find the flow data folders. Inside of each of the folders is the flow data for a period of time.   Good luck reading it!

          At least you know where it is now!