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    Cisco ASR Flexible Netflow not displaying interface names



      I am trying to get Netflow working on our asr 1001 router.

      We used to use the normal netflow configuration, however, the asr only supports flexible netflow.


      I've used the below configuration. However, the interface names are not displayed ?


      I verified the snmp access (v3) and it works. What could be the problem ?


      interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1

      ip flow monitor FLOWMONITOR-1 input


      flow monitor FLOWMONITOR-1

      description Original Netflow captures

      exporter FLOWEXPORTER-1

      cache timeout inactive 10

      cache timeout active 5

      record netflow-original


      flow exporter FLOWEXPORTER-1


      source Loopback0

      transport udp 9996

      export-protocol netflow-v5