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    UDT not T'ing


      Hi ... Can anybody help please??  I use Universal Device Tracker, which I have to say is a fantastic tool when users don't move, but once they relocate, the UDT isn't detecting them in their new location, therefore doesn't report accurately.  Unfortunately, the size of our environment, we cannot tab every PC that moves and only realise this issue, when they have a problem and we can't trace them through UDT!  Maybe there is something I haven't configured properly??  Any advice is appreciated,






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          Good Morning;


          Once you figure out which switch they might have connected to, try going to UDT Settings -> View UDT Job Status -> Find which switch it might be connected to and click "Poll Now" on the right.


          This might be happening because they are moving the device between polls.


          Another thing is maybe if you know which switch it should be on turn off port security etc for a few minutes to hopefully "find" the device.  Just don't forget to turn those back on.



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              Hi Steve,


              Thank you for your reply.


              I have already polled and rediscovered the switches to try and get the devices to be show in UDT in their new location, but considering they had been moved a while - a couple of weeks - it shouldn't really have been a requirement, nor disabling any security settings; that is almost like adding devices again and rather disputes the reasons for using UDT. Thank you for your reply anyway, it is much appreciated.  I have since raised a ticket with Solarwinds and they have advised adding a line in the SQL database and setting up a new JobEngine.  Still under investigation.