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    Orion Server Services Diagram


      I know I've seen a logical diagram of the Orion Platform somewhere before (either on Thwack or in an old Admin Guide), but I can not find it anywhere.  I've been all over Google and went through many of the Admin guides and other various docs on the Solarwinds Documentation page but I've come up empty.  I did find a diagram on this page (you have to scroll pretty far down): SolarWinds | WriteBTL (Write Between the Lines)


      The problem with that one is that the one I saw before looked better and had a better explanation of the services and the processes they represented (like the fact that the Module Engine is actually a host service for all of the various business layer plugins).  Also, that article is from 2011, so I'm not sure its completely up to date.


      Anyone know what I'm talking about and where to find it?  I want to create a logical map in Network Atlas, but I am no graphical designer, so I need a good looking diagram to use as my background that I can then build on.  It'll also help my coworkers (and me too probably) understand Orion a little better.


      Thank you!