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    Survey Going Out?




      I don't think people are being emailed to fill out our survey.  We've had a survey created for well over a month, we've set the survey to "Default", we've set the "Survey" for most request types to "Default", and we've added questions to the survey.  Oh, and we have the survey invitations set to 1 so an invitation should be going out with EVERY closed ticket that has this survey assigned to it.


      After all this time, we still don't have any results.  I wouldn't expect everyone to fill out the survey every time, but after this long, there should be some results.


      Does anyone know how to properly configure this?  I know the help desk sends an email when a new ticket is created, but I don't know if it sends one when a ticket is closed.  I'm guessing it does this by default but I can't find that as a "feature" where I can see if that's turned on.  Would a link to the survey be included in the "Closed Ticket" email?  I'm the admin of our Help Desk and when I create tickets, I get an email stating so.  When my tickets are closed, I'm not notified via email.


      Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.