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    Backing up WHD and MySQL


      We're running WHD and MySQL on a Windows server.


      I'm curious, of those running MySQL, what's your backup strategy?  Because MySQL is not vss-aware, our DPM solution isn't a viable option.


      Thanks for the input.

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          I use the following batch script running from c:\Backup to dump mysql and then pickup the file after our backup solution;


          @echo off

          cd /d "c:\Backup"


          del whdbackup.sql


          C:\"Program Files"\MySQL\"MySQL Server 5.6"\bin\mysqldump.exe --no-defaults --add-drop-table --user=<username> --pass=<password> whd > whdbackup.sql


          I just have a schedule task to run the batch file each night with enough time before the server backup starts. useful part is you don't have to worry about clearing down the backup and can go back to what ever nights backup you want from your backup solution.

          If you need WHD to stay working while the backup happens just add the --single-transaction variable.