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    Automatic addition of interfaces in monitoring

    richa arya



      We have been monitoring device under NPM. But we have to include the interfaces we want to monitor, manually at the time when the node is added in monitoring.

      After the node is added in monitoring , if some interface gets enabled at the device end.

      Then how to ensure addition of that interface in monitoring automatically or get notification of the same so that if we want we can add the interface in monitoring.

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          If you choose the checkbox for "All Active Interfaces" when you initially add the node, it should then add in any interface that becomes active after you've already started monitoring the node.  That's been my experience so far and I've seen it in action, so I can confirm that it works.


          Interface was previously down (but I selected "all active interfaces"when initially adding the node weeks prior), now it's been admin upped or line protocol upped and it's added into monitored interfaces.




          Second Green Check Mark from the Right is the button I'm talking about in the screenshot below.

          Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 8.33.10 AM.png

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