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    Use SDK to assign credentials and run NCM job

    johnny ringo


      I am trying to programmatically run NCM jobs via the SDK.  The primary reason is because I am trying to increase the security of how I run jobs.  I want to create a script that runs jobs only with the lowest rights credentials (on the target system) that are needed to perform the task.  I can see verbs that start and update jobs, but I don't see a place where I can change the credentials other than in the NCM.NodeProperties table. So would I need to create a script that:


      1) Selects the Nodes in Question

      2) Updates the Connection Profile ID to what I want to use

      3) Run the Job via StartJob verb in Cirrus.NCM_NCMJobs

      4) Check for Job Completion (GetJobStatus verb)

      5) Change ConnectionProfile back (if needed)


      I have a few questions.  What do these verbs above need for inputs, just the JobID?  I see the value in the table but wanted to check if it needed anything else.

      Also what does the UpdateJob/CreateJob need?

      Where is the connectionProfile information stored?  I don't see it in the NCM, or Cirrus tables.



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          I've been tinkering with this same thing and thought I'd throw you some info on what I've found and believe...there is a NCM_Connection Profiles table, that I do not believe is viewable within the SDK, but if you go to your SQL management studio you can see it there...when you query the table you can see the connections profiles and the UserName and Password hash that is created  I believe, and we're experimenting with this ourselves, that when this table gets updated, the Cirrus.Settings verb runs it's stored procedures to update each node...we're working on this to try and use CyberArk for password rotation.