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    How do I display HA status on Node Details?


      Hello everyone,


      I would like to have a section on our F5 Node detail page that displays the current status of that node of the cluster. Ideally it would just say "Active", "Passive" or "Unknown". I've been trying to do this in a customer HTML resource using javascript and SQL, but not sure that SQL is supported in the HTML resource. Here is a snippet of what I am trying. I've also tried writing all the data to variables and calling that in the if/else statement but that did not work. Any help would be appreciated.





      if (${SQL:Select FailoverState From F5_Device where NodeID = ${NodeID}} == 4)




      else if (${SQL:Select FailoverState From F5_Device where NodeID = ${NodeID}} == 3)






      document.write("Status is Unknown");