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    Attempting to filter Alerts by component




      The company I work for uses Solar Winds to monitor all of our Servers. For our database servers, we continuously get alerts based on various components that go into a "warning" state, but then soon after are fine. I have tried changing the time it takes for an alert to happen, which did not work. Ultimately, I would like to filer our alerts using those components. For example, I would like to get alerts on all applications that go into a warning state that don't equal "Page Splits". I have used the advanced functions under the trigger conditions of the alert, but I must not have it formatted correctly. Any ideas?

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          I think you are coming at this from the wrong end.  Don't exclude this component from your alert, adjust the threshold for it on the application monitor or template.


          If you are alerting at the Application level you wouldn't be able to filter it the way you want, you need to alert on Components and then you can filter them as needed.  I typically try to set my alerts at the most specific object, components instead of applications since apps inherit their status from the worst component.  Same idea for Groups, no need to alert on a group status if I'm already alerting on the nodes in the group.



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